Jan 05 2014

Advantages of Using an Electric Shaver

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  • You’re a guy on the run. You worry about your design. You always look well-groomed, but all that shaving cream, hot-towel junk simply doesn’t use your schedule. You wish to get your brief-case and subdue your stubble, flip a switch and escape the doorway. Clearly, for the jet setting man, electric may be the approach to take. However, locating the type high quality electric razor for men could be difficult, so we’ve come up with this resource – an one-stop-shop, all-inclusive guide to assist you discover the electric blade that suits see your face.

best electric shaver for men

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Jan 03 2014

Hair Types for Men – Guide for Coiled, Kinky, Straight and Wavy

One’s hair shape can fall into several types, among other unique traits that any men can have. The best men’s hair type guide is the ISEZ of The Men’s Hair Book, authored by bestselling author Rogelio from Manly Curls. The hair types identified in his book is the one being used in the forum.

In essence, there are 4 hair types based on your hair shape. While you will have a predominant hair type on your scalp, there may be instances when there are small areas in your scalp with another hair type.

Ideally, the shape of your hair will look like a letter of the alphabet hence, the mnemonic ISEZ for this well known hair type method. Continue reading “Hair Types for Men – Guide for Coiled, Kinky, Straight and Wavy” »

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Dec 31 2013

The Jewfro Hairstyle for those cool Curly Men

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Jewfro Hairstyle

Curly hairs for men are now common and trendy. One example of fashionable curly style is the Jewfro. Jewfro hairstyle is a cool hairstyle which originated from Jewish decent. Their curly hairs are large and thickly coiled unlike the Afro’s natural hair which is kinky and a bit tightly coiled. In the book entitled “The Curly Hair Book” written by Rogelio Samson, he differentiated Jewfro hairs from Afro hairstyles. He described Jewfro being “wavy curly” and Afro hairstyle as “kinky curly”. He also noted the proper method of how to takegood care of those curly hairs. For this coming year, 2014, this hairstyle is going to be in.

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Dec 30 2013

Steps in Using Hair Clippers

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Some men pay a lot of money just to fix their hair on hair salons. Now, it is easy to shave and clean those growing hairs in just a quick period of time, with an affordable amount through the use of hair clippers. Even women who want short hairs can use this. Here are the steps on how to use Hair clippers:

Steps in Using Hair Clippers

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Dec 27 2013

2014 Men’s Hairstyles

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Year 2014 is fast approaching. This means new life, new vogue, new craze and new hairstyles! These are the hairstyles list of “What’s in” for the year 2014.

The undercut

  • Shaved layers underneath and a long extended hair grown on top. This gives a cool and decent look for men. The undercuthairstyle has been trendy years ago and it is still on the list for 2014.

2014 Men’s Hairstyles

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Dec 23 2013

Best hair clippers for men, any good ones?

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Being a part-time barber for your family can generate huge savings for you. Even if you still plan to take a family member to an expert barber once every few months, it will still be more convenient to trim the hair of your spouse or children. All it takes is a pair of hair clippers and you are on your way to creating a professional trim. The following are our choices for the best hair clippers:

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Jun 21 2014

Various Hairstyles and Haircuts towards a Great Image

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A lot of hairstyles and haircuts are now on-the-go so as to have a great image or physical outlook.

Various HairstylesBoth men and women are looking for great hairdo so that they can change their physical appearance in a better way. If you think that changing your hairstyles or your haircut can also change your mood and lifestyle, then it’s advisable to proceed on what you are planning. In fact, most of the people want to explore the several types of haircuts and hairstyles for they know that they can also boost up their confidence through changing of the styles and designs of their hair.

If you are totally decided to create some changes in yourself, then you can do some makeover or modification of hairdo. Just proceed to some reputable beauty parlors or salons that can provide you great assistance and exceptional services. There are some parlors or salons that can provide you great services. Some of these parlors can only be found nearby. However, if you think that you can hardly find a specific beauty salon that would cater your wants and needs, then you can probably look for some avenues where you will be comfortable to go through. You can do an online searching with all the exclusive salons nearby or you can search some parlors that offer affordable rates for hairstyling.

<a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hairstyle” rel=”nofollow”>Hairstyling</a> for a new appearance would be good enough for you since it can provide great benefits and advantages for you. This can eventually change your moods and turn yourself into an amazing look. So, don’t quit looking for something new that will change your life and your lifestyle too. As much as possible, have a quick research online since this is one of the easiest way on how you can find all your needs. Through the use of the internet, you can easily find the different haircuts and hairstyles that would be suitable for your taste and preferences. Though you are only sitting on your end, you can have an assurance that you can choose the best one for you.

Discover Some Hairstyles that are Good for your Pets

If you think that hairstyling is only for humans, well, you have wrong perception about it! You can do hairstyling even with your pets. If you have cats or dogs that are hairy, then you can groom your pets for better. There are also some parlors for pets that are relatively good for your pets. However, if you want to make sure that you can achieve great results for your pets, then try to search some photos online. Through browsing your internet, you can definitely find the best photos related to the hairstyles for your cats or dogs. In addition to that, you can have a chance to discover some quality products that are nice to your pets. Some of these products are the best flea medicine for your dogs. With this type of product, you can make sure that your pets will be free from any pest infestation.

Along with this flea medicine for your pets, you can have a full guarantee if you will find the best products in this link: health pet center. There, you can find some additional insights that would be nice for your pets. For more details and information about the proper maintenance of your dogs and other pets, you can go directly to your veterinarians and solicit some piece of advice from them. You can also ask if your pets are capable for some other grooming procedures like changing their hairstyles or haircut. Continue reading “Various Hairstyles and Haircuts towards a Great Image” »

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May 12 2014

Changing the Locks

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Changing the LocksSo I can admit it now: I am a hairstyle wimp. Not to point fingers, but I believe I can state with relative emotional accuracy that I was scared off the notion of hairstyle by a “Dorothy Hamill” haircut, inflicted upon me at the tender, uneasy age of eight. For those who don’t recall with the vivid clarity of its victims–legions of girls aged four to 14 whose mothers were inspired by the skater’s signature hairstyle as much as her on-ice acrobatics–the Dorothy Hamill was a bowl cut. I looked like hell; as my barber cut off foot-long banks, two old women under their space-age dryers clucked regretfully and audibly, “Look at all that beautiful hair.”

Thus, I have feverishly retained my long hair for the 20-odd years following the Dorothy debacle. With clothes and shoes I have a healthy sense of promiscuity, but when it comes to my hair, I am ludicrously chaste. Yet like all hair goody-goodies, I know the importance of being a tease. If you happen to be my friend, you have received (every nine months or so) an e-mail from me asking, “Should I get bangs?” or “Should I cut it all off?” And if you are my friend, you have responded yes or no, humoring me but knowing all the while that I will not get bangs, nor get more than a trim; that I will always, until I am too arthritic to fiddle with a barrette, have long, straight, style-free hair that is pinned up or tied in a messy knot, thereby defeating the purpose of having long hair in the first place.

I’d like to further justify my entrenched cowardice by citing the fact that I possess what has passed, so far, as pretty hair. “You have such pretty hair,” they say–the relatives, the tennis coaches, and, most crucially, the boyfriends. It is fine and naturally blonde (or, as my Italian friend refers to it, “original blonde”). When you have “pretty hair,” and you are an original blonde, and your hair is your most commented upon feature, it is nearly impossible to cut it off for fear of suffering a loss of identity and sex appeal of Samson-ish proportions: My fear, to be specific, is that with a few quick clips of the scissors I will be transformed from a sexy coed of indeterminate age to a perky, “cute” soccer mom. Continue reading “Changing the Locks” »

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Apr 03 2014

Hairstyles In The Workplace?

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Cole, author of How To Be: A Guide To Contemporary Living for African Americans, says that cultural hairstyles such as cornrows (when hair is plaited close to the scalp in a pattern of cornrows), braids, twists (when hair is twisted into coils) and dreadlocks (when hair is palm-rolled and left in its natural state) are the styles most often unwelcomed in the workplace.

Hairstyles In The Workplace

Men, she observes, tend to face more resistance than women in the workplace when they choose to stray from conservative hairstyles. “Traditionally men are more conservative and are expected to be more conservative. In America, regardless of race, conservative means shorter, closely cropped hair. If you go from what is the standard to something more free and expressive, it makes sense it would be a lot more resistance to it,” she says. Continue reading “Hairstyles In The Workplace?” »

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